Unleash Brilliance: Done Power's New LED Drivers Unveiled

Explore Done Power's D-MXG Series LED drivers, a groundbreaking addition to lighting technology. These drivers offer versatility and high efficiency. Ideal for street lamps, floodlights, and stage lights, they ensure vibrant, energy-efficient illumination. Read on and discover more!


Our Innovation

As we usher in the era of intelligent LED drivers, we're not just introducing a product; we're shaping the future of lighting. This launch showcases the very essence of Done Power – our commitment to innovation and excellence.  It demonstrates our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the lighting industry. 

Universal Waterproof DALI2.0 Offline Programming LED Driver: D-MXG Series

Illuminate your world with the D-MXG Series, Done Power's revolutionary DALI LED driversThis universal waterproof DALI2.0 offline programming LED driver sets new standards for performance and flexibility.

Rated Input Voltage: 120-277V

Output Voltage: 25-56Vdc

Constant and Adjustable Power: 30Vdc/36-56Vdc

High Output Voltage and Low Current Version Available (Current Range: 0.7~1.05A)

High Efficiency: Up to 94%, Power Factor 0.95, THD <10%

Surge Protection: 6/15KV

Protection Level: IP67

Protection Function: SCP/OTP/OVP/OVP/UVP

Life Time: >70,000 hours, and 5 Years Warranty


Input Cable

8.2 SHOW 17AWG H05RN-F 1.0mm² x 400mm

Output Cable

7.7 SHOW 17AWG H05RN-F 1.0mm² x 250mm

Dimming Cable

UL 21996 22AWG x 270mm

Types Available

*You can seamlessly take control of the LED light systems with the programming auxiliary output. With the NFC version, you can do wireless one-touch operation.
Type DX: DALI 2.0, Programming Auxiliary Output
Type GX: DALI 2.0, Programming Auxiliary Output, NFC

Product Applications

Street Lamps

Turn city streets into well-lit avenues of safety and ambiance. D-MXG Series ensure consistent, energy-efficient lighting for urban landscapes, enhancing visibility and creating a welcoming environment.


From sporting events to architectural showcases, D-MXG Series power floodlights that captivate audiences. Achieve vibrant and dynamic lighting effects that bring life to stadiums, outdoor spaces, and architectural wonders.

Stage Lights and Spotlights

For the spotlight moments, rely on D-MXG Series to deliver precise and vibrant lighting for concerts, theatrical performances, and events. Control every nuance of illumination to create captivating and memorable experiences.

Product Specification for Specific Needs

Choose the perfect power for your needs, captivating with versatile lighting solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

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