Introducing DL-100W-MXG from our MXG street light driver family, the innovative programmable LED driver specialized in outdoor lighting. With LED surge protection, a high PF level, and adjustable power output, the DL-100W-MXG is essential for any outdoor LED lighting system that seeks reliable and stable outdoor lighting operation.

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  • Programmable LED driver for outdoor road lighting.

  • Power range: 30-320W.

  • Rated input voltage: 120-277V

  • Provide standard output voltage version: 25-56Vdc, constant and adjustable power @36-56Vdc

  • Provide high output voltage and low current version, current range: 500mA-1050mA

  • Efficiency up to 94%/ High PF≥0.95/ THD≤10%.

  • Standardized LED street light driver module, compatible with various outdoor lighting applications

  • Multi-function as optional:

         Type A (Adjustable potentiometer); Type P (programmable, Quickly write in by programmable device); Type X (3-in-1 dimming/ programmable + 12V Auxiliary)

  • LED surge protection: 6/15KV

  • SCP/OTP/OVP/OCP/UVP protection.

  • Life time > 50,000 hrs. And 5 years warranty.

Model list

Model No.Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentEfficiencyTHDPFProduct size
DL-100W-V56A-MXG 120-277Vac 25-56Vdc1.3-2.8A91%<10%>0.95L153*W63*H32mm

Specification and certificates

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